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Пенсионная программа World Pension Plus

Получите компенсацию $80,000 до того, как выйдете на пенсию!

Регистрация окончена

Пенсионная программа, аналогичная GlobalPensionPlan.
Плата за регистрацию $55
Вам выплачивают $88,000

  • Единовременная плата за регистрацию $55.00
  • Выплата компенсация $80,000.00
  • Возможность покупки нескольких полисов
  • Доступно только 100,000 полисов
  • Выплаты на ваш банковский счет или на офшорный счет
  • Комиссия $3500.00 за каждого приглашенного вами участника
  • Мгновенная комиссия $13 за участника на ваш счет e-bullion или Liberty Reserve
  • Дополнительный бонус $1000 за каждую 1000 приглашенных
  • Собственный бэк-офис
Количество участников, которое нужно собрать 100,000, как в GPP. Но чтобы не ждать годами, пока наберется это количество, их разбили на группы по 20,000 членов. Первая группа уже укомплектована и ждет выплат. Выплаты будут производиться на банковский счет, который вы укажете или на офшорный счет на Каймановых островах, предоставленный компанией.

4 rbts.txt

Также вы должны будете предоставить копию своего паспорта или другого документа, удостоверяющего личность, чтобы получить компенсацию $80,000.00

World Pension Plus

Discover How to Draw $80,000 Immediately!

Регистрация окончена

Reverse Pension Plan. Your Cost $55. Your Payout $88,000


  • Reverse Pension Plan
  • Purchase Multiple Memberships
  • One time application fee of just $55.00 per membership
  • Payout offered of $80,000.00 to all applicants that meet simple ID criteria
  • Payout can be made to the bank account of your choice
  • Commission payment of $3500.00 per referral on completion
  • Instant Commission of $13 per referral direct to your e-bullion or Liberty Reserve account
  • Instant extra $1000 Cash Bonus for each 1000 referrals
  • Full members Control Panel with all marketing and referral tracking built in including Banner System
  • Includes Bonus of $1000.oo worth of Business and Internet Development Software and Templates, Free!!
  • Just 20,000 policies excepted to ensure rapid deployment
Stage 1 already reached 20,000 members and closed

Multi memberships for Stage 2 are now available !!!

Current Stage 2 Members: 14068
Total Stage 2 policies: 18743 of 20120

Latest News 12 April 2011

The new secure login system is now operational.

Access to detail pages are secure and will require you to login using the username and password that you have just registered with Yardas, this username must match the details that you used when submitting your application for submission.

You may have a look at the deposit detail form by clicking the link below. This form is only for viewing so that you can gather the details you will require for completing your deposit details. The actual form access link will be emailed to you through the system you have just registered to. Secure login will be required to fill in and submit the activated form

Please Click Here to access the demo form

The Secure Login Registration is now open and can be accessed from the form page. All Stage 1 and Stage 2 Applicants MUST register to be able to access all forms.

More details are available on the Forms Page and all members are urged to read these details. Please press refresh in your browser to ensure you are getting the updated page.

All members must also register to the email system link on the form page as well. The email and and page login have been separated to increase security.

STAGE 1 ONLY Affiliates Members Forms:

Below is the link for submitting your banking details for STAGE 1 members only that have completed the Submission Application and uploaded their ID Documents. This is the only detail form required to be complete by Stage 1 applicants in regard to Stage 1. If you have purchased memberships in stage 2 you will require to fill in an update form to register your Stage 2 application. This form is under the Stage 2 section

Please enter your banking detail below if you have not already done so. There was a problem with the swift code field length and also comments fields. These where fixed 12 hrs after posting the form, but due to caching on members computers it meant that some members where still seeing the old form. We have changed the link name now so that you will only be able to load the updated version. If you had problems with this please go there and resubmit your form.

Link to STAGE 1 Applicants ONLY - Banking Details Form

STAGE 2 Affiliate Members Forms:

All Stage 2 affiliate members that were not a part of Stage 1 need to complete the Full Submission for Application Form and in doing so are required to upload there personal ID documentation as is specified on both the help page and as has been described on the World Pension Plus Affiliate site. Your details are stored offline and are also protected by a 256k ssl encryption during the short period that that are on the online server. Please select the Help Button in the menu bar above and carefully read all details in regard to what is required in filling in the Submission Application.

Full Submission Application Form for Stage 2 including ID upload.
This link will be activated on the 23rd May 2011

Details of the Yardas Offshore Option

The Yardas offshore option has been developed for applicants of the loan submission that would prefer to hold there funds with privacy. You will be invited to open an account with a Private Bank located in the Cayman Islands after successful payout of the submission. The procedure will be as follows:

  1. You sign a request form for your funds to be held by Yardas in trust at the Bank pending the opening of the account.
  2. All funds belonging to members that choose the option will be forwarded to the Bank along with basic details of members and the amount assigned to each.
  3. The bank will forward you an invitation to open an account along with account application forms.
  4. Once the bank receives your completed application they will supply to us a copy, at which time we will release to them your documentation that you have provided us and release the funds from the trust to your account.
  5. You will receive an online banking access login for your account and after you have logged in and activated the account you will be forwarded an unnamed debit card delivered to the address you register to the bank account. This can be sent to a mail box or mail center if you register it as your mailing address.
  6. There is a maximum limit of $25000.00 on the card but you can top it up via your online account terminal 24/7 from anywhere in the world where you have internet access.
  7. The account opening fee including 1 card is $485.00 USD and is deducted from your funds after funds deposit into your account, so there is no upfront fee. You can order an extra of 3 cards attached to the account for $50.00 USD each. The account can be in 1 name only, joint accounts are not available.
  8. Depending on your global location and local mail service you will need to allow 7-10 days to receive the invitation and account application forms.
Please Note: This process is available to Yardas Applicants only via this program and not available to the general public. Important note:

Stage 2 is now also into the processing stage as World Pension Plus are currently processing members ready for the database hand over. The signup and purchase period on Stage 2 has been extended due to the downtime of the Liberty Reserve processing servers.

The Yardas Admin Team

Om Bhur Bhuvah Svaha
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi
Dhiyo Yonah Prachodayaat

Om Shri MahaLakshmiyah Namah

Перевести: Инвестиционные программы:

eCash Invest
Intway Funds
Pathway-2-Prosperity 160% в месяц
Global Pension Plan + €110,000
World Pension Plus + $80,000
Imperia Invest + $134,000 Minvestment



Om Bhur Bhuvah Svaha
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi
Dhiyo Yonah Prachodayaat

Aum Shri Mahalakymaye Namah Om Hreem Shreem Hreem Kuberay Namah

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